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How it works

We want to know you!

Our #1 goal is to blend and deliver the perfect meals for your dog. To do that, we need get to know your dog really well - not just what he eats, but also what he loves, how he got his name, and his favorite place to đź’© in Columbus 

Answer a few question via our dogbot then text with a dog expert to fill in any blanks!

We know your needs will change, so we'll always just a message away.

Nutritionist-Backed Ingredients. No B.S.

We've curated high quality kibbles and toppers based on our Nutritionists extensive research. We scrutinize the quality of ingredients, manufacturing, and formulations of each kibble brand to determine who has the best quality processes in place. We want to bring the highest quality for the best value!

Because your dog has unique superpowers, we also support all of their wild activity with curated supplements for Skin, Gut Health and Joints! 

High quality service for a fair price!

We don’t think any dog parent should have to pay 5x more than plain kibble to have a personal, nutritious and fun meal. We offer FREE portioning, FREE local delivery, and FREE access to a Veterinary Nutritionist. 

Everything is the same price you’d pay in the store, but your dog gets treated like Queen Elizabeth’s Corgi’s!

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